Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is my first attempt at refinishing anything, this is a dresser that is in my boys room that I wanted to stain darker to match their bunk beds that they are getting for Christmas. It wasn't too hard just time consuming since I needed this dresser to dry in 34 degree weather.
At this point I was very nervous, since there was nothing wrong with this dresser it was in perfectly good shape and I stripped it. I had called my brother in Georgia to ask him how to refinsh this and he just tried to talk me out of doing it but I was determined and................


I think it turned out pretty good the color is a close match I think it will work, now it's on to the next project!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My boys are such stinkers to get pictures of and i am redoing their room for Christmas and I wanted some new pictures of them I just decided to let them do whatever they wanted and just be silly and these were the outcome, I think they turned out pretty dang cute for not really knowing what I was doing. I think I love them because they are real smiles in the pictures not the fake ones I am used to getting.

Brandon took the week off work to help his dad get this buck! It was taken from the Henry Mountains but it had to only be a three point on one side so that made it tricky for them but I think they ended up with an awesome buck!