Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's getting closer to Christmas I was starting to get nervous so we sent
the boys over to their Grandmas so we could start getting their room
put together, this is their homework and reading area, I didn't know how the colors
would look all together but I think they work. My boys are obsessed with star wars
so I knew that they would love anything from yoda.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I keep hoping that the sewing gene that runs very strong in my family is just hidden in me. My mom is amazing at sewing even though she has since given it up, she used to sew our clothes and Halloween costumes, and my Grandma sews the most amazing quilts, so I know that the potential for me to sew is there is just hasn't gotten developed yet. I can not sew a straight line to save my life and I just bought 10 yards of material to sew cutains so hopefully the more I try to sew, the straighter the my line will get. I decided to start with something that doesn't require a straight line, Christmas Stockings! I know they are a little girly for a family that consists of mostly boys but until one of them actually says something I'm just going to go with this.

I saw these in a magazine and decided to try and copy them.

Bridger just got glasses!!!

We went to eye Dr. on Wednesday and Bridger got glasses, he doesn't really like to wear them, but I can't blame him I don't like mine either. Everyday he wears them a little more, but I think he looks so cute in them, but he is a stinker because he uses them against me when ever there is something that I won't let him do, like eat cookies for breakfast, or play they wii all day he just says," fine then I'm not going to wear my glasses". When he first got them he was so embarrassed, and his older brother was so jealous of him, but now he wants to show kids that he doesn't even know that he has glasses, he's funny.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is my first attempt at refinishing anything, this is a dresser that is in my boys room that I wanted to stain darker to match their bunk beds that they are getting for Christmas. It wasn't too hard just time consuming since I needed this dresser to dry in 34 degree weather.
At this point I was very nervous, since there was nothing wrong with this dresser it was in perfectly good shape and I stripped it. I had called my brother in Georgia to ask him how to refinsh this and he just tried to talk me out of doing it but I was determined and................


I think it turned out pretty good the color is a close match I think it will work, now it's on to the next project!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My boys are such stinkers to get pictures of and i am redoing their room for Christmas and I wanted some new pictures of them I just decided to let them do whatever they wanted and just be silly and these were the outcome, I think they turned out pretty dang cute for not really knowing what I was doing. I think I love them because they are real smiles in the pictures not the fake ones I am used to getting.

Brandon took the week off work to help his dad get this buck! It was taken from the Henry Mountains but it had to only be a three point on one side so that made it tricky for them but I think they ended up with an awesome buck!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look at the big fish Bridger caught at Yuba!

Swimming at yuba! I love this picture of Britt he is always the 1st on in the water
Me and Brandon on our 1st trip to Lake Powell in our boat it was fun. This was the only picture I could get because the camera had a dead battery. I never remember to check it!
Bridger and Sage in Brandon's Duck Blind. Aren't they cute!!
This is every Sunday at Grandpa Steele's. He use to be a boxer so the little boys are always putting on the gloves and boxing each other. They keep it pretty clean.

One Sunday afternoon after we got home from church Britton ran in the house and said Bridger rolled his four wheeler off the rock wall so Brandon and I ran outside and Bridger was standing there and when he saw us he said "that was freakin' awesome" so Brandon went back in and got the camera and got this picture.