Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look at the big fish Bridger caught at Yuba!

Swimming at yuba! I love this picture of Britt he is always the 1st on in the water
Me and Brandon on our 1st trip to Lake Powell in our boat it was fun. This was the only picture I could get because the camera had a dead battery. I never remember to check it!
Bridger and Sage in Brandon's Duck Blind. Aren't they cute!!
This is every Sunday at Grandpa Steele's. He use to be a boxer so the little boys are always putting on the gloves and boxing each other. They keep it pretty clean.

One Sunday afternoon after we got home from church Britton ran in the house and said Bridger rolled his four wheeler off the rock wall so Brandon and I ran outside and Bridger was standing there and when he saw us he said "that was freakin' awesome" so Brandon went back in and got the camera and got this picture.